In Review: Supernatural, Episode 202 “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Then: Cole Trenton, witches, and Hannah. Now: a hooker runs down the street into an alley where she bumps into Raul, her pimp. She stabs him in the eye with the heel from her boot, but he recovers quickly. Though he’s lost his left eye and his face is covered in blood, he snaps her neck. Cue opening title card sequence.

In a restaurant, Sam wonders why Dean’s phone keeps going off. That’s when gorgeous Shaylene walks in. Leaving Sam alone at the table, the scene then moves to Hannah and Castiel in a hotel, discussing how it’s been easier convincing angels to return to Heaven. As Cas goes to their impromptu wall of leads, Hannah goes off to the side and strips to take a shower. The male angel is dumbstruck with what to say. She says, “Does this bother you?” He has no response, making her smile, “Good.” Meanwhile, Dean is starting to get hot and heavy with Shaylene who halts their activities so they can discuss her payment. She doesn’t want cash, just his soul. The scene then goes back to Hannah and Cas who are checking out of their room. As Hannah takes out a credit card to pay their bill a man grabs her hand. “Caroline. I put out an alert on your credit card. I saw a charge here. I drove all night.” It’s her husband. Back in Dean’s room, the man who needs Dean’s signature to complete the deal for sex enters. Sam emerges from the bathroom and Dean reveals he’s holding a blade. “Winchesters,” the demon says, noticing the trap on the ceiling. His comments on Shaylene angers the girl to grab Dean’s blade and kill the creature. The boys aren’t happy because he was their best shot in finding the brothel that Shaylene says other girls are kept. She searches the dead demon’s coat and finds a card for Raul’s Girls. At that strip club, the beating of one hooker is interrupted by a woman’s entrance. She tosses a bag at the pimp who chokes out, “You!” before falling to the floor and spitting out black goo. The two rescued women leave with the older woman. Cue first commercial break.

Sam cracks up at Dean’s profile and tells him that the “Shaylene” he’s been sexting could be a Canadian trucker

This was a really mixed up episode that brought back a character I hated the first time out: Cole. He’s the obstacle the Winchesters have to overcome to get to Rowena the witch, and this story could have progressed much faster if he wasn’t included. I don’t blame actor Travis Aaron Wade, but his character is written so poorly. He’s a one-note that should never return. Rowena the witch is played by Ruth Connell and her accent came and went often. I couldn’t tell if that was the character or an actress who couldn’t keep track of what she was doing. I will say the final line of the episode has a got a good speech he gives to Cole, but I’m hoping to avoid this type of monologue in the future, as I’d like to see the Winchesters in action more than talking. Crowley is barely around, which is a shame because he livens up every scene he’s in. Hannah and Castiel have a great moment at a gorgeous setting, and I’m sad to see how this played out, but am looking to seeing Cas rejoin the boys.

He grabs it off the table and finds that Dean is on a dating app

The good: Nice directorial placement of Joe after the kiss, beautiful setting for Hannah and Castiel’s scene, and the greatest final line/word in the show’s history.

Fun lines: “We detoured eight hours so you could get laid?”, “Check it out…”, “I’m evil, but this is tacky,” “The mission comes first, always,” “I’m done,” and “You’re right. I am.”

The bad: Hooker cam on the running prostitute in the opening sequence. It was like the Playboy Channel joined with Destination Truth. Rowena’s on again and off again accent. The return of Cole–Never again!

The final line: This was all over the place, with good moments, but not enough for a winning episode. Overall grade: C+