How To Decide Between TinderBumble, According To Dating Experts

Tinder and Bumble are two of the biggest dating apps out there, and they’re pretty similar in the way they work. You scroll through profiles and swipe right or left, depending on whether you like what you see. Despite their similarities, Tinder and Bumble have key differences that really set them apart. If you’re wondering which app is best for you, dating experts share the pros and cons of each.

Especially right now, as in-person socializing is still somewhat limited, “Tinder and Bumble can both be great options for dating,” Dr. Dalesa ily therapist, tells Bustle. “Being able to talk to someone online before deciding if you want to give them your personal information makes the dating scene feel easier. There are, of course, pros and cons to each one, but it all depends on what you are looking for.”

Licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Holly Schiff, Psy.D., agrees. When comparing the two, it’s important to think about what kind of experience you’re looking for. Although both are dating apps designed to connect you with new people, Tinder gained a reputation early on for being a “hookup app” even though surveys conducted by the company say otherwise. For someone who hasn’t been online dating for a while or is completely new to it, that distinction may cause some hesitation. According to Schiff, “People have come to have a lower expectation of the quality of matches on Tinder, so they e level of courtship that they might on an app fastflirting app like Bumble.”

Should I Use Tinder?

Tinder was first launched on college campuses in 2012, and continues to be one of the most popular dating apps worldwide. It’s available in 190 countries and has been downloaded over 430 million times. Its user base also skews younger; according to Tinder, over 50% of their current members are between the ages of 18 and 25, so it’s a good option for Gen Z folks.

How To Decide Between TinderBumble, According To Dating Experts

On the plus side, Tinder is user-friendly. You don’t have to answer a long list of questions to start getting matches – you can easily create a profile by adding some photos and writing a good bio. Then you can start swiping. They have premium features available as well, including the Super Like, which can make you stand out among the hundreds of other matches someone may have. There’s also a Tinder Boost feature where you can get up to 10 times more profile views, which can be purchased if you’re a regular user. There are even paid subscription tiers that offer more Super Likes a week, one free Tinder Boost a month, and the opportunity to message people before matching. If you’re traveling, Tinder also has a Tinder Passport feature that allows you to connect with people in other cities before you get there.

With Tinder, there’s no restriction on who gets to make the first move once a match is made. You can start messaging right away, which good be a pro or a con, depending how you look at it. If you’re shy or don’t like to break the ice, this could be a good thing for you. At the same time, “This may lead to someone repeatedly messaging you some explicit things at two in the morning because they’re bored,” Schiff says.

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One con is that Tinder has a reputation for being more of a hookup app. “Although plenty of serious couples have found one another on Tinder, some who may be more conservative or looking solely for a monogamous relationship may be less likely to use Tinder as an option,” Martinez says.